Greg Gefell

I have always had a thirst for not only the technical side of the profession but also the artistic. While still in high school I became fascinated with photography, shooting roll after roll of 35 mm film discovering the elusive art of conjuring light and exposure into a satisfying image. Simultaneously, the purchase of a 4-track cassette recorder allowed me to delve into the world of multi-track recording, unleashing a lifelong quest for musical and sonic perfection as a complement to the visual.

After completing studies at RIT for Film and Video production, I proceeded to cut my teeth in the real world freelancing at Rochester area production houses such as Electronic Field Productions, Warner Advertising, and GFI productions. I quickly became valued not only for my technical acumen but also my patience in sessions and my ability to bring out the best in the people around me. As Internet delivery of multimedia began to mature in the early 2000’s, I transitioned into the e-learning industry. Within a few years the technology caught up with my wishes and I was producing full motion video for courseware and marketing initiatives.

Concurrently to all of this I continued to write, record and perform music with the Americana band Blue Jimmy releasing 5 albums to date. I also pursued freelance opportunities as they arose in the budding DSLR video world gaining valuable experience in this new “stripped down” way of working.

Now with 20+ years experience in the field and a well-rounded skill set, I am ready to assist you in whatever type of production you are looking to create. No job is too simple. Every photo you need, word in your narration, note in your score, and frame of your video is the most important part of your project, and that means it is the most important part of my job. My perfection becomes your perfect production.