Far too much of the music media we hear and see these days is doctored up, time-aligned, auto-tuned, and Photoshopped to death!  The flip side of that is the barely watchable, portrait mode, dark and shaky iPhone video with distorted or tinny audio.   There is a middle ground. 
That’s why I love producing multi-camera live music performance videos so much.  From my point of view there’s something magical about capturing an intimate real-time musical performance and then watching it back with appreciation and pride. I have an honest appreciation for being a part of that moment in time you create which will be preserved and shared with others.  I also take great pride in my craftsmanship and strive to deliver the highest quality audio and video possible.  Each camera is matched and then color graded to maximize tonal range and maintain consistency of look and feel between cuts.  Multi-track audio is also captured on set and then mixed and sweetened when I post produce your videos.
If you know of an act that would like to capture a little slice of their reality in an up close, personal, and professional style, let me know.  I’d love to experience that moment with them. Below are a collection of my experiences on both sides of the camera. 

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